C. Raksha Elmer, Lic Massage Therapist


Massages from Raksha smooth everything out for the whole month.  I can't imagine why everyone doesn't get one from her.

                                                                  -Eleanor S.

Raksha is a tremendously talented massage therapist, teacher, business owner, and natural leader in everything that she does.

                                                                  -Hallie S.

You do beautiful work.                                    -Linda P.

My muscles, my nervous sytem, my spirit, my energy has benefited greatly.  Thank you.                                       -Katherine R.

I have had massages with Raksha for the last eight years.  I have had massage therapists in the past, not a one compares to Raksha's skills.  In addition to giving an excellent massage, she is able to identify issues with pain, misalignment and muscles.  She is gifted at her job.                                            -Mary C.

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