C. Raksha Elmer, Lic Massage Therapist

About the Practitioner

C. Raksha Elmer, a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, for the last 20 years was trained at the Florida School of Massage Therapy and she has taken continuing education courses in various modalities.

Raksha believes in the power of human touch to balance, heal, restore and renew health.  She has felt, and continues to feel that bodywork is a sacred privilege given to her by her clients.  She has an intuitive and creative way of meeting the needs of each individual.  She is deeply knowledgeable in her work as a massage therapist, an energy work master and a teacher of yoga and self care.  She blends decades of formal education, self study and hands-on practice in her approach to each situation.  She credits her mother with her early start in massage therapy as she requested back rubs from her when she was a child.

Raksha also loves music and dancing, gardening, traveling, movies  and time with family and friends.

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